Special Track:Special Track: Gender and Entrepreneurship (Sponsored by International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship – index in ESCI and Scopus)

Track 1: Human Rights

Track 2: Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Track 3: Internet Law

Track 4: Commercial and Company Law

Track 5: Intellectual Property Law

Track 6: Healthcare Law

Track 7: Consumer Law

Track 8: Public Law

Track 9: Criminology and Criminal Law

Track 10: Law and Legal Studies (General Track)

Track 11: Innovation Studies

Track 12: Economics

Track 13: Finance and Accounting

Track 14: Management and Organization Studies

Track 15: Operation Management

Track 16: Quantitative Methods

Track 17: Marketing Studies

Track 18: Business Studies (General Track)

Dear Respected Speakers,

We are glad to host you at the Law, Business and Innovation Studies (LBIS) Conference. Please find the attached file for the final version of the conference program.

An e-mail will be sent to you shortly, including a Zoom link to access your session early. All speakers must be online 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their session. If you haven’t received the link by Wednesday 8 September, please e-mail us.

When you click the ZOOM links, you will directly join the sessions. Then, the chairs will manage the conference sessions. Please check the conference programme whether you are a chair in a session or not.

We look forward to your participation in the virtual conference.

Best regards,

LBIS Conference

Note: The scheduled conference session is based on United Kingdom Time.

Conference Program